artist statement

These are subtle, mysterious, delicate works that need to be seen. The nature of materials evokes the play of light, mist, ephemeral frequency. There's a sculptural and painterly quality of space within the art.

The artist has an affinity for islands in the world. She has travelled in many different countries and keeps present to the initial moment of beauty and inspiration and the deepening of the work in process. The work sources from the energy of place, the natural world, the firmament, bliss of sky and water.

The process of creating these images is one of layering mediums; oil and organic matter. The field of light is constantly being searched and shifting. Expansion and contraction is set in motion in the paintings. And thus, the paintings have a life of their own, changing in time of light, throughout the day.

Their resonance is tuned to fragments of worlds we might not see.

The dimensions of the work range from 8 inches to 6 feet. The materials are mixed media.

Prices are available upon request.